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Connect with 4,000 decision makers and quality trade visitors

Connect with the RIGHT Prospect –
 Establish the RIGHT meeting with industry buyers
We understand that 4,000 industry professionals are a lot of people to funnel through to meet over three days, this is why APVE is the only auto parts & vehicle trade show devoted to help you identify the right prospects and book your one-on-one appointments in advance. APVE facilitated more than 75% of match meetings that further engaged in subsequent meaningful business partnerships.
Extra Mileage for YOUR Brand to Stand Out
Our visitors want to see your product’s USPs more than anything, and AVPE2024 provides you with the opportunity to show and tell within our Spotlight one, that brings target traffic and visibility to your brands.
EXPAND your automotive network
Meet industry players not only from the Auto Parts, Tools, and Equipment, but also supporting communities from Construction, Mining, Agriculture, Cold Chain, Logistics and more.